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Fan specification used in HX850W


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I need this info coz I have problem with my new HX850W (clicking noise on shutdown) and I have no possibility to get it back to seller. I have only one way - replace fan by myself and loss warranty. So I ask Corsair support give me specification on this fan.



I've checked FAQ on corsair site


Q: My power supply is making a loud clicking noise, how can I stop it?

A: Please check to make sure the fan isn’t hitting anything. If there’s a wire or a piece of paper sticking in past the fan grill, it’s possible the fan is hitting it and making noise. If not, you may have a bad power supply.


"If not, you may have a bad power supply." - this is my case

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Or is this a PSU you got direct from an end user and not through a authorized reseller/distributor?


no I bought it from authorized reseller I hope, but I am currently in 2500 miles away from seller and send it toooo expensive now

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