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Problem with TWIN2X2048-8500C5D RAM


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I recently purchased a set second of TWIN2X2048-8500C5D RAM. When it arrived, I installed it and my computer would not boot. I removed it and it would boot fine. So then I tried installing just the new RAM and removing the old stuff, and it still would not boot. Both sets were 2.1v, so I didn’t think to mess with the voltages at all since the new stuff wouldn’t even work alone. So I got an RMA.


Got the RMA back and it is 2.2v. I increased the memory voltage, installed the new RAM and the computer ran fine for about 4 hours. Then it froze while I was watching a video. It wouldn't boot after that. I messed with it for a bit and found that it was one of the new sticks that was causing the problem. The computer would not boot if that stick was installed, even alone. Increasing the MCH voltage from 1.5v to 1.6v would allow the computer to boot again. I found it odd that this one stick was the only thing that required this increase, even though it had worked fine at the lower voltage previously.


Again, it ran fine for a few hours. Then I was doing some work in word and it blue screened.

After that it wouldn't get past the memory check while POSTing. Again, the computer would boot fine if that one trouble stick was removed. I tried increasing the memory and MCH voltages again, and tried moving that stick to different slots, but it still wouldn’t get past the memory check.


So now I have a few questions for you fine folks. One, is there anything else I should try before I RMA it again? Could my motherboard be somehow damaging the RAM, or did I just get really unlucky and receive two bad sets (or maybe that first set wasn’t bad after all and just needed a higher MCH voltage)? I’m open to any suggestions or comments.

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