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Rebate form glitch @ NCIX


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I was directed to this CS Form from Yellowbeard @ NCIX.....Thanks!


I purchased to TX750 from NCIX and because of some technical difficulty I was unable to DL the rebate form from their site. When I bought the PS on Sat Nov 7/09 my understanding was the rebate was to expire on the 11th of Nov /09, now I have got the rebate form and preregistered and it seems to expire on Nov 16/09. My question is, is this the right rebate form for me to use?



Purchase any of the following products and receive a Rebate by mail:

Product Amount Product Amount Product Amount

CMPSU-450VX $16.00 CMPSU-550VX $11.00 CMPSU-650TX $11.00

CMPSU-750TX $11.00 CMPSU-1000HX $23.00 CMPSU-400CX $11.00

CMPSU-850TX $22.00 CMPSU-620HX $33.00 CMPSU-520HX $22.00

CMPSU-750HX $11.00 CMPSU-650HX $11.00

In order to receive your rebate by mail:

1. Purchase any of the products listed above between November 3rd, 2009 and November 16th, 2009.

2. Go to corsairmemory.rebateaccess.com and enter the promotion number 28281.


I don't want to send in the wrong one and then have receipt and UPC code gone.


Thanks all and Yellowbeard!!

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