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TX650W bashing


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I bought this from the local BB for $85 on sale after my desktop turned off and wouldn't turn back on. Troubleshot my issue to the PSU so after reading all the great reviews online, I went with this one. Switched it in, but the computer still wouldn't turn on. So, figured I was getting beyond my abilities (suspecting a bad mobo) and called a computer repair man. He took it to his shop, plugged in his own PSU and computer worked fine. So, I exchanged the TX650W at BB for an exact replacement. Computer guy hooked this one up himself and once again, no power to the computer. He then hooked up his own PSU and the computer worked fine again. So, that's 2 TX650W's in a row that came right out of the box BAD! I had to pay a repairman $85 to tell me this component was junk because I refused to believe anyone's quality control was so bad that they would release a product that didn't work (plus he threw in PSU that does work). Fortunately, BB's return policy is pretty good, too bad they're selling a crappy product.
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