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Windows 7 freeze s128


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My preordered windows 7 came ( a while back now) so I did a clean install a I was previously running vista x64 sp2 perfectly fine. So after about a week of running windows 7 with no issues at all I had this random freeze (twice) where well I can move the mouse cursor but windows wont respond to anything I do, im using a logitech g15 keyboard and its clock is a good indicator if the computers frozen as it stops updating (used to always happen when vista or xp froze) but it still runs fine when windows 7 was freezing.


After the first incident it didn't happen again until a week after starting vmware player to use my old printer it would freeze(was working fine previously) when ever I tried using vmware so I uninstalled vmware but when trying to reinstall it windows 7 would freeze again with the installer stuck I can still move the mouse and highlight shortcuts etc but cant open anything including task manager nothing would happen the problem just got worse. I tried repairing windows with its disc but that was no luck after a couple of restarts windows 7 wouldn't even recognise my keyboard anymore (tried 2 different ones) I had to login using the on screen keyboard instead.


I just quickly did a reformat and partitioned my ssd and am dual booting a clean install of xp(using now) and a clean install of windows 7 and its freezing when I try to install my graphics card drivers (first thing I attempted to install worked fine on my first install of win7) now somethings very wrong Im thinking its my ssd as I noticed when the problem occurs the hdd light stays on constantly. XP hasn't crashed on me yet but installing anything on it is really really slow and sometimes would freeze for around a minute.


I got a backup standard drive today and installed win7 and its running with none of the issues I had with the ssd installed it seems like a similiar issue to the poster in http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=78383 thread is the drive faulty Ive had it for around 8 months


Thanks for any help

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