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RMA Issue - Corsair H50 Water Cooling


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I recently completed the RMA #000000 its all gone good but yestarday i recived the H50 brand new in a box not repair'd this is not a problem but you sent me plastic backplates/sockets the ones i sent to you were full metal i attached a picture so you can see what the ones i had before looked like... They were the sockets i sent you. But you sent me back flimsy plastic ones what surley cant be good for cooling ?


I dont want all 3 it would just me nice to get the backplate & socket for the pump for the x58 board what uses and intel i7 cpu.

Is there anyway i could get these sent to me in metal please as i use your Corsair 800D case and as you know its clear on the side so you can see inside the case and these dont look so nice when you look at them.


If you need me to return the plastic ones thats no problem i can if you wish. Thats if its even possible for you to do this for me.


Many Thanks



PM or email me for the rma number and address.



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