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SSD (p serie) need wakuptime?


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Edit: im really tired atm so im sorry for the spelling, expacily for the subject ;P "wakeuptime" not "wakuptime"



Ive read thru all the posts i could find related to performance and the Corsair P-serie and i cant find a singel post that relates to my issue, therefor i will post it here to see if someone have any tips/trix or know about this issue.

Ive got a seriouse issue goingon with my new P128 drive.


The issue:

When i havent browsed the drive or opened any files in awhile it takes 5-10 seconds for the drive to respond/execute the file or index the structure im opening. Its just like it went to sleepmode. I get the same delay on all my drives since i installed my SSD drive.

Im not sure this is related to TRIM or anything else, but i cant find any information about this specific issue.

During the 5-10 loading time (i see a statusbar in win7 for exampel) i can also hear a excelerating sound from the SSD drive (even tho it should be no moving parts?) , once its on the highest frequenzy i can start access everything. ive also tryed using ONLY the SSD and i get the same issue. My other drives are all SATA (HDD) drives and they work perfectly if i unplug the SSD drive.


Anyone have any clues ? tips ? or perhaps some trix ?


This is very annoying as i usaly browse my filestructure (c:\windows for exampel). Dont want to wait 5-10 seconds for the drive to index the folder every time........


king regards~


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a friend of mine have now created a CLI script which will try to access a file every 5min somewhere in my structure (ive pointed it toward my D: drive rather then C:).

I will post if this helps , but this is not a solution...........


Also contacted my supplyer for a RMA.

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That type of problem would suggest a driver or maybe a BIOS issue, but what is the system configuration and are you using the SSD drive to boot the system and was this a fresh install of what O.S. or did you image it from another HDD and how did you prepare the drive?
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ill try to answer your questions as good as possible:

Its a complete whipe of a new SSD (straight from box) and start from DOS with a botable CD with Windows 7 x64.

Previusly i used WIN XP and went over to Windows 7 x64 since i got the SSD drive. Settings are all set to "high performance" and "no power reductions" whatsoever. I found options under controlpanel -> hardware -> power that my hdd's was suppose to go idle after 1 hour, alltho the issue comes after 5min. With the above mentioned application that my friend wrote ive managed to keep the SSD alive, no "boot-up"-time when trying to access anything on any drive. alltho this brings me to my next issue, that i get bluescreen instead, randomly after 1-5 hours. This is not related to the application that is running as i get it even without. I will wait for a trim/firmwire update and the shop, including Corsair support (ramguy) have supplyed me with a RMA request. Thanks.

Ive tried reinstall the whole OS with complet new drivers for all hardware im using. Nothing seems to help and the event logg dosent work correctly in win7 x64 rev 7600. so i cant find out what it is.


Will consider wiping the drive and send it in to get another brand that supports trim and all the functions.



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