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Mounting H50 UP or Down?


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Does it matter if the Tubes are Up or Down?

Picture in manual show the cooler tubes are on the bottom of the cooler?

It would be alot better if i could mount the cooler with the tubes up. I mounted it that way but when i tuned on my pc on it sounded like there was air in the pump and make like a spitting sound.


so just wanted to know if it makes a different weather the tubes are on the top or the bottom? Also in bios what should the Pump RPM be, mine was showing 1400RPMs is that fine?

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Oh ok, yeah i just diddnt know if i would like burn it out, because with tubes on the bottom the tube is almost pinching and i just dont like it at all. So thats a HUGE relief knowing u can mount it with the tubes up!!!!


ill take your word for it, hope it dont burn out

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