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Asus P6T and TX850W


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Hi all.

I've just finished assembling my system build and i have a quick question.


The EPS 12v connector on the Corsair TX850 does'nt seem to exactly match the orientation of the like connectors on the ASUS P6T, do i go ahead and plug in the full 8pin connector or split it into the 4pin and plug that instead.


The orientation of one of 4 pin connector's(a joined pair of which make up the 8pin connector) corresponds to the ASUS P6T's connector exactly. But the other 4pin orientation is reversed compared to the ASUS P6t's EPS12V. The 8 pin set up still fits into the connector, but it's just that some of the pins dont exactly match.


Also, the ASUS P6t board came with a cover over half of its EPS12V connector.

Should i connect the 4 pin or the entire 8 pin.

The corsair manual says if the mobo comes with a 8pin EPS12V connector to just plug in the whole 8pin connector, dont need to split.


Anybody with experience running the TX850 and P6t Please help.


[The EPS12v connector is made up of square and polygonal 6 sided pins. In the above example, some of the ploygonal pins end up in the square ports and not ploygonal ports on the mobo, is this a problem. There is no issue in forcing the 8pin connector into the EPS12v mobo, it just slides in easy.]

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