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SSD's and Gaming!


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Hi all,


I am very new to SSD drives but have 2 x128 ssd's in Raid0 plus a normal platter drive normally for storage.


After a few initial problems, resolved thankfully by tI2ouI3LeSoIVIe i would like to clarify a few uncertainities from my end.


At present, i dual boot both XP x32 and Windows 7 x64 on the ssd raid 0 drives, plus a further partition where i install my games to. Total of 3 partitions on the ssd drives.


I generally play my games off the XP boot but keep asking myself is this the best situation for the ssd drives. I have experienced no problems with this present setup but would the system work any better with another configuration? or is this one typical and within the bounds of these new drives.


I have read, to install games on the platter drive via the OS on the SSD drives! Not sure on that one hence my question.


Grateful for any advice..



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Thank you RAM GUY.


From your reply it seems it would be better to install any games via the OS on the SSd drives to a platter aka spinning drive.?


I think i read that correctly lol...


But would i take a performance hit for the games with that configuration?


Thanks in advance..



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Maybe for loading the game but game's can be HDD Intensive and if you have too many things trying to access the SSD's at the same time it will slow down noticeably, thus running such applications from another HDD will help with drive access times. However, once the game is loaded any access to the SSD will be to the swap file and will run normally.
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Something I have some experience on with my laptop that I'd be happy to share.


First up, system is setup as follows:


SSD - OS, swap, games

HDD - downloads, temp files, Arconis Secure Zone


My P256 is loaded to the gills with games (got about 86gb left before I install CODMW2) and it runs slick. Assassin's Creed loads up fast, not to mention COD4.


Games will load quick on an SSD but make sure you do all the tweaks in Davyc's thread (stickied up top) to keep your SSD running in tip top shape.

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