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Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16 Go, some questions


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Hello everybody !

I have booked a Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16 Go usb key.

I am waiting for it (normally, I receive it in 2/3 days).

But I have some questions before receive and use it.


1) Actually I live in London but I'm French, I know the question is a little stupid, but is there a problem if the key is based on english language and I use a french computer (normally no, but I ask the question) ?


2) I am going to format the key into NTFS, I know how I have to do, it is not the problem, but I am not sure, often, in the usb key, you have some files with autoexec. or integrated program, this usb key is in this case ? If yes, if I format, do I have a way to recover these files ?


3) I am going to use the usb key to install Windows 7 on a other computer (Windows created tools to make usb installer for Windows 7), do you know any problem about this ?


I thank you in advance !


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