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Tough problem with Atapi.sys device driver


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I've had this problem since I've had a Corsair P128 SSD. Maybe even before.

I cannot install hardly anything from my DVD burners i.e. MS Office 2010, etc. I have looked extensively at my Event Viewer and found numerous 'atapi' errors. The exact error was,"The drive detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort4" As a matter of fact, today I eliminated all my DVD drives from the drive train and I still got 14 ssidrv errors and 28 atapi errors in just under 39 minutes. Just to step back a bit, I installed the P128 and used the Windows 7 repair disk x64 to prepare and align the SSD. It would not let me change the mode from Native IDE to AHCI so I left it IDE mode. Later I installed the ATI AHCI driver and changed the BIOS to AHCI mode. Everything seemed okay. Then, I'm not sure if I started getting atapi errors right away or not. I did notice my DVD drives "grunting". Like they were 'seeking' something that wasn't there. So I took one of them out of the chain - same problem. Then I took the other one out - same problem. I talked to DFI tech support and was told that "usually" an atapi error was related to CD/DVD drives and to RMA the board either to Newegg, if I could or to DFI in California. He seemed to think it was maybe the board itself. And that RMAing the board would eliminate the board as a possible problem. How could I be getting atapi errors without any optical drives in the chain? Anyway that gets me started explaining what's going on with my setup. Thanks for any suggestions/solutions.

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