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corsair brand issue


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I don't know much about computer so excuse me if the info i stated is not to its fullest.


Now I have both:

2 pieces of Corsair CMX512-3200C2 2-3-3-6 and

2 pieces of VS512MB400 PC-3200 512MB 2.5-3-3-8 184pin DIMM


I am running on dual channel (4 slots). I cannot get the 4 pieces to go together, the computer won't beep during start up and the monitor will not respond. However, I can run 2 pieces cmx or 2 pieces of vs512mb400 and everything would be GOOD.


How can i get the 4 pieces to work? Do i need to set something on my computer? Or did i screw up and bought the wrong ram?


Sorry for the lack of info, My knowledge of computer is comparable to a 5 year old. Thank you for your help.

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