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TWIN2x4096-8500C5D G & XFX 680i SLI - C1 POST Error


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I just purchased the above ram to replace TWIN2x2048-8500C5 in the XFX motherboard also mentioned in title. I had the old ram running at 1066, 2.1V, 5,5,5,15 with a Q6600 at 9x267=2.4GHz. So all stock speeds with no issues.


I took out the old ram and put in the two new sticks (in the same spots...like coloured slots)) and get a C1 post error along with a 5sec or so beep that keeps repeating until I power down. So I tried with just 1 stick at a time with the same result. I tried a single stick in different slots and again the same result.


I put back the old ram and set the memory settings to 800, 1.85V(I think it defaulted to) and 5,5,5,15. Shut down and reinstalled the new ram.


Same result..almost immediate C1 error showing on the mobo LED display along with beep.


I do not have another DDR2 motherboard to try the ram in.


What to try next?




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