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Corsair Survivor 16GB Slow Detection in Windows 7


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I just bought today a USB Flash Stick Corsair Survivor CMFUSBSRVR-16GB.


After the first time use when the driver's were first installed I unplugged the drive.

Then I plug the drive in.

A blue light on the usb stick appears and it stays 1.50-2 minutes.

I can see the drive listed in windows explorer.

I try to access the drive (to list its contents) and the windows explorer and it simply shows me the "wait" cursor for about 1.5-2 minutes before I can access the drive's files.

This happens EVERY time I plug in the USB Stick.


A few more details:

-The Slow Detection happens in my current O.S: Windows 7 Enterprise 6.1.7600 32Bit.

-The Slow Detection doesn't happen on the same computer in Windows Vista Business 32Bit.

-I've tried another usb-stick from another manufacturer on same computer, Windows 7 Enterprise and the Slow Detection doesn't happen.

-The Corsair Drive doesn't have speed issues for reading/writing after I can access it. It has ~31-32MB/s Read 10.0-10.7 MB/s Write reported by Total Commander on a 700MB avi file copy.


I've noticed that I'm not the only one on the forum with this problem. There are a few others that complain about their Flash Voyager Slow Detection in Windows 7. So please enlighten us if you can :)


My thoughts:

This looks to me like a Driver Issue since the Slow Detection doesn't happen on the same computer in Windows Vista.

I will try to install windows 7 on another machine and see if the same behavior occurs.


What I would like to know is:

1) Did Corsair test their Survivor USB Flash Stick on Windows 7 Enterprise 6.1.7600 32Bit? Did the Slow Detection issue ever occur? Any other known issues that I should be aware of?


2)Which driver do you think is the problem? Motherboard's? Corsairs USB Flash Stick Driver? Some other driver? Some other problem?


3)Any thoughts on how I can fix this annoying problem? (waiting 2 minutes before you can access the drive is not acceptable).

Thanks for your time.

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  • Corsair Employees
Moved your post to the correct section, this is most likely a Windows 7 update, I would keep checking with Microsoft for the latest drivers for the MB and or chipset as that would be the most likely solution, I would also suggest you try and format the drive with the SD-CARD Organization. Format utility, but please noe you may have to use this in a system with XP or Vista I have not ran it in a system running Windows 7.
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The drive doesn't work properly regardless of the file system. I use Fat32 anyway. I tried SD Card Formatter, that didn't help either. This lead me to think it's not a file system issue.

I've tried installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and a Windows 7 Enterprise 64Bit on other computers and the drive doesn't have any issues. As you've said the most probable cause are the motherboard drivers for windows 7.

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