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One last upgrade for my Asus A8N-E


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So, this loyal A8N-E served me for years, even accepted that nice GTX285 and while I was considering getting a new motherboard and keeping my GTX285, I thought my main issue was it is swapping when I play several games, so, 2GB isn't enough.


Currently, the systems works with the memory at 333 and tells me it works in dual channel at startup, I remember the other option was setting it to 400, but it would refuse using dual channel and it's 100% stable in 333. Anyway, that fine working memory of mine is what needs to be replaced as I have no free slots available.


I consider two options (I took a look at the corsair labs tests and found none where the 4 banks where used to reach 4GB on the A8N-E) from what is available at my usual retailer :

-Removing a pair of modules (look my computer specs for current modules) and adding this : Corsair XMS Platinum Series 2 Go (2x 1 Go) DDR-SDRAM PC3200 CL3 - CMC2GX1M2A400C3

-Removing everything and adding twice that.


In the second option, I also consider using a windows XP 64 or getting seven 64.


I'm not sure it would run properly with the first option as modules won't match, I guess I can forget about the dual channel or even forget that option right away.

For the second option, would it run in 400 and dual channel or would it fall back to 333? Maybe that's a memory timing question?

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Ok, so I won't mix my old ram with new 1GB modules.


I'll just take more time to make up my mind and let some new fancy motherboard appeal me enough, currently, those that would don't because of their price and the price of the cpu I would put on them !

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