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I think my HX1000W is faulty


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Hey guys.


After installing my HX-1000 into my system, I went to power on the system and it wouldn´t boot, it shuts off and goes dead then tries to restart again, it just keeps boot looping like this until I power it down, no POST beep can be heard at all. The fans and everything spins up but it just wont boot.


Things I've tried

  • I borrowed a friends power supply and tested it and my system booted up fine

  • I have tried the PSU in a friends computer and it will not work in that computer either, motherboard just shows an orange light, no fans at all.

  • Tried his ram and GPU in my system, still the same.

  • Replaced motherboard, same thing.


I really think its the PSU thats failed but is there anything else I can try? Surely if the the PSU wasn't working the fans in my system wouldn't spin up at all?


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