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Best set up for the H50?


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Im seeing lots of different reviews about this cooler.

1 Fan - Stock?

push/pull? 2 Fans

Radiator in the front of the case/Exaust?


So who ever has the case what do u think is the best?


1 fan? 2 fans? Which fans? Front Back?


Im using a sniper storm - Asus Maximus III/ i7 860.

Should be getting the cooler next week.

Just wanting to prepare how i should set it up.


Let me know plz!

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I suppose it would depend on how strong of an airflow and what type of video card you have. Otherwise you will be pulling hot inside air over the radiator. With corsairs recommendation you are supposed to reverse the fans in the front as well to exhaust the hot air.


Space permitting I think the best solution I have seen is to mount the radiator in the drive bays. I have a decent sized case so I am going to install mine in the front of the case. Just got it delivered today from newegg (along with two quiet scythe fans for push/pull). The only drawback to this I see is getting the right hardware from the store so the radiator and fans can be mounted to the sides of the drive rails.

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Yeah i do agree with the push/pull from the front, i have a sniper storm case and i saw some pix of it, i really just dont have like brackets to mount it in the front. My set up right now 1 250mm fan pulling in air from the front, one 250mm fan pushing air out from the top then one exause super kazi pulling it out of the case shooting out and one on the side shooting it out from the side.


Also another idea the case has a bracket where i can put a fan on the bottom so we got the air sucking from the bottom of the case. Then u can do a push pull shooting up from the top and the top fan pulling it out..

what u think about that?

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