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Intel DX48bt2 fails with new 1GB CM3x1024-1333c9dhx


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My intel motherboard has happily run for 2 years with 2 sticks of 1GM ram. I just added 2 new sticks of the identical memory and now I get 3 beeps (no memory) and the motherboard refuses to boot. I took out the old memory and ran with JUST the 2 new memory stick and I still get 3 beeps and no boot so the problem is clearly not a conflict with the old memory and new together. Something is wrong with the new memory. I would appreciate any recommendations you can make.


orig memory:9-9-9-24 1.50v ver 1.1 08220836

new memory:9-9-9-24 1.50v ver 3.1 09347687


running new Oct 2009 bios from intel












volt 1.54

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Hello all I have just purchased some more memory my self and as above im experiencing the same problems. If i put the original memory in i have no problems but as soon as i add the two new sticks in i also get the same 3 beeps :confused:


I would highly appreciate it if anyone out there knows what could be the cause of this..


Thank you :cool:


Ps the only thing i have noticed that is different is that the original memory i have is ver1.2 and the new sticks are ver3.1 would that make a difference in that they would not work in my motherboard :confused:


Look forward to hearing from someone soon Thanks again in advance:cool:

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