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+12v fluctiations - Corsair 650TX


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Excuse my english not a native speaker.



My 650TX is 1 year now and has been working fine, however I had 2 occasions where my computer wouldn't turn on. It would turn on for 5 seconds them power off, then on, off, and so on. No beeps. No boot.


Unplugged the PSU cables, nothing. Cleared BIOS, nothing. Try everything again. After 2-3 times doing these procedures, the computer comes back to life.


These 2 occasions where the computer stopped working were in a interval of 4 months or more, so I don't know what happened, maybe a BIOS problem or a bad contact. Idk.


The second time this happened, I tried removing the cables and plugging them back, didnt work. So, I went for a BIOS clear, and it worked.



Anyway, the computer works fine, the +12v stays between 11.85 and 11.92 in idle, the 3.3 stays in 3.248.



The thing that is making me worry was a test I did last night.

I started Aion (a mmorpg) in windowed mode, started EasyTune5 (Gigabyte program to watch voltages) and watched the fluctuations.


I do know that the 12v should fluctuate, because of the load... but my +12v was fluctuating a little too much.


It was doing 11.85 - 11.92 most of the time, but sometimes it would drop to 11.668 or even 11.5XX. I saw 11.4XX once...


So, is it normal?


I have a Gigabyte EP43 and a Ati 4870, with a c2d e8400.

and that is it. No drives, one small 7200 320gb HD and like 5 80mm fans in the case.


Thanks in advance.

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another quick question, I was reading the site and I noticed in the FAQ that we need to use the cables that comes with the PSU.


I don't know if I am using the cables that came with the PSU box... err, I don't even remember any AC cables inside the box.



I was checking some moments ago, the only difference between the cables (monitor cable) is a small piece of plastic, like a tag, in the cable with "10 A 125v" is this the Corsair cable?

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