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Possibly Power Supply problems (HX520W)


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Hey I bought my HX520 PS almost 3 years ago and it has been a nice and stable PSU. However as of about a month ago.. my computer started crashing randomly while playing World of Warcraft, whether just logged into the game or while engaged in massive 25 man raids.. Also the game is choppy in raids (when there's lots of people) This hasn't happend to me in the 3 yrs that i was playing the game. And i didn't do any Hardware changes to my PC.


I tried running 3D Mark becnhmarks and my computer rebooted while the stress test was running. My friend told me it might be the voltage regulator on the PSU..When my PC crashes i get no blue screens or any type of errors. The screen just goes black and i hear a weird noise.. sorta like a transformer or something.. like a buzzzzing noise when the screen goes black. What should I do?


Does Corsair offer cross shipping on their warranty service btw if i give them my CC#. For example.. Can they send me a refurbished PSU and a box to send in my older possibly non properly functional one for repairs/replacement? Thanks

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