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HX620 won't power off


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I just bought a hx620.


When I plugged it in, it powered up the computer immediately without me having to push the power button.


Strange thing is that the power supply never power off. Even when I shut off windows, the power supply is still providing power to the mother board and fans.


Other thing I noticed is that if I just plug the power supply in by itself without anything attached to it, the fan runs.


I take it this is a defect.


Second question I have is regarding the rebate.

I have 14 days from the date of purchase to file for a rebate, but because I have to RMA this to NEWEGG and get a replacement, I will be out of the window. Will you guys still honor the rebate?

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1. What motherboard do you have, or is this an OEM system? If the latter, what's the make / model of the system?


2. Rebate is set in stone. Does NewEgg require the UPC code for an RMA? FYI, Corsair doesn't.


I have a x58 foxconn bloodrage, but I also tried it on a gigabyte 785g board. Same results.


The PSU fan turn on by it self even when there's nothing connected to the PSU other than the power cable in the back of the PSU.


NewEgg does require a UPC with any RMA.

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