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P128 came with 2 partitions?


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Hi there,


I'm new to the forum, but have visited in the past to see if my problem had been aired, but it doesn't seem to have been.


My question is, should there be 2 partitions on the P128 ?, I have a secure partition before the SSD in my Explorer tree.


If there shouldn't be 2, how do I make it into 1 partition ?


Sorry in advance if this is a really stupid question, but it's my first time usage of an SSD.


Many thanks in advance also.


rotorhead (Bernard)

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Hello Ram Guy,


Thanks for the quick response, I'm looking at the drive in Windows Explorer in another machine, to erase a faulty Windows 7 installation.


What I see is my 1st HDD then 2nd HDD, below that is a 'System Reserved' drive with 100MBs just above my P128, which has 119 GBs (127,928,336,384bytes) capacity.


If I remember rightly, there was this 'System Reserved Drive' in my Gigabyte X58, again it was always above the P128, in Windows Explorer.


I bought it new from eBuyer in the UK about 3 months ago.




rotorhead (Bernard)

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