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1000HX buzzing when PC is NOT on...


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I just put together a BRAND NEW system. Ran it for about 7 hours yesterday installing and then playing games. Everything went smooth. Today when it was quiet I noticed there is a faint buzzing noise comming from the PSU. The machine is off. Nothing is on. Yet there is an electrical buzzing noise comming from the PSU.


Is this normal? Impending doom of PSU?



Update: I found this little tid-bit in another forum:

You can still hear the buzz with the PSU switched off, because there's a VDR (voltage dependent resistor) across it, to reduce the amount of arcing when the switch is turned on or off - something cheap PSUs don't bother with. These work by allowing a small leakage current to continuously flow, which is making the noise and isn't anything to worry about.


This is the kind of thing where some PSUs may be quieter than others. Also, how much you hear it depends on how good your hearing is, PC case open or closed and the ambient noise level in the room.


Is this indeed true?

If so, then I should be able to hear this noise in the back of any 1000HX that is plugged in.

Is that the case?

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