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TX750W problems


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just got this new power supply and hooked it up but when i turn it on i have power for about 3 seconds then the whole system shuts down.


I've checked all my connections and they are good and everything seems to be getting power it's just that the power shuts off right away. I did the paper clip test and the power supply passed so i don't think it's that.


Funny thing is that if i remove the 8 pin connector from the motherboard and just leave the 24 pin in, my system fires up and stays running without shutting down, except i can't run the computer without that one in, so i'm not sure what to do.


My old power supply went out which was a 700w but before that all my systems worked fine. My new ps is the tx750w corsair by the way.



Thanks for any help.

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I am having the same issue


I am building a new system


I put the system together and booted it up. The power comes on for a second and turns off. On/off, on/off, etc. Never stays on.


I disconnected everything except for the 24 pin, 8 pin, HD, and CPU fan and it runs.

Add the video card and back to the problem. Remove video card and plug in a fan, and maybe, maybe not on boot depends on which PS lead I plug into. (case fans use 4 pin PS plug)


So, I read this post and decided to pull the 8 pin connector and I have stable power. Added the video card and stable power. Added the case fans, stable power. (there seems to be a slight flutter when it first powers up, but not actually shutting off, just a flutter).


I am going to replug all of my connectors but the 8 pin and see what happens. Hopefully I will get an answer while I wait. ( Doesn't seem like the last guy did though)

If I do not get an answer today, I will post a new post.

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