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TWIN2X4096-8500C5 G question


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Hello . I have a problem with memory kit . I can`t use them at 1066 MHZ . If i set 800 mhz (in bios) it works perfect , when i set 1066 my PC display a blue screen .


MB: gigabyte p43-es3g

CPU: intel q8200

MeM : COrsair XMS2 DDR2 2x2 GB (TWIN 2x4096-8500c5 g)

HDD: seagate 500gb

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Please list all of the settings you have made in the BIOS for memory, CPU, and voltages. Have you manually set the memory voltage to the required 2.1v?


The voltage is 2,1 and the latency 5-5-5-15(manually set). I installed SysoftSandra and the program says that the FSB is too high (al 1066). If i set 800 mhz the FSB error dissapear .I take pictures and bring them to see all the settings

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