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New HX750W causes system malfunction


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I replaced the psu on my system with the HX750W. The system was working fine with the other PSU. But now, with the new HX750W, whenever booting, I have now a long beep and 3 short beep. Meaning hardware malfunction. I've removed all periphical and plugged items one by one to identify the problem.


The psu plugged to the mobo (24 pins connected, 4 pins connected). The system boots and looks for boot device.


Pluggin the first SATA drive, the system crash, the 4 beeps. And nothing shows on the screen. The HX750W cause a system malfunction when I plug a drive un it.


Well actually I just spent the last hour trying to start my system, without or no drive, putting power on,off flickering the psu power switch hearing the 4 beeps all the time.


So how come a cheapo psu work and the HX750W cause system errors ?


Thank you very much

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