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Which DDR3?


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Timings vs bandwith.


My main app is a database program: I have 16GB of digital books on a drive.


The app has an index file.

You enter searches in the app and it finds the info amongst the digital books.


(obviously hard drive speed is very important.)


However- as far as the app thats doing the searching- does lower timings or more bandwith give more speed?


Why I ask- I always thought low timings were for gaming. But I heard from one person that its really important for databases (i guess since some program has to do thousands/millions of comparisons of a search term inside the data.)


Example: I see there is 6GB 2000MHZ at 8-8-8-24 but a BIG price jump to the same at 7-8-7-20. But does it make a difference for my type of app?

Or would 1600MHZ 9-9-9-24 be the point of maximum return for a database app like this?


My other main app is Photoshop- but I want to maximize for the database program.


Asus Rampage Gene II/i7-920 with H50

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I would suggest a fast 6 gig set of modules like TR3X6G1600C7D or faster but remember it would be over clocking on this speed or anything above that would depend on how well your specific CPU will over clock.
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