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Which is the fastest USB stick?


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I read the thread about switching the GT sticks from SLC to MLC. It's at least a year old, and I think with time certain claims made back then are no longer valid.



I am not 100% sure, but think some people mentioned benchmarks of USB sticks with R/W speeds of in the 50's of MB's/s if I'm correct (again I could be wrong here)


I'm mainly looking into a USB stick that I can run an operating system from: Xubuntu, an Ubuntu variant.

8GB is large enough; and under normal situations SLC is preferred for operating systems.


I also understand that it is hard (if not impossible) to still get my hands on a SLC USB stick.

The size needs to be at least 8GB, and USB2 compatible, because I'll be using at least 3GB of diskspace for the Os and programs, and need 1,5GB reserve for when a system upgrade takes place!


My current 4GB (Unknown Brand) USB stick with 8/5MB/s R/W speeds needs urgent replacement!

I already applied various improvements on the OS, and don't use a USB swap partition for improved USB flash disk response; so on the software side I did about everything I could to optimize it for speed.


The USB stick also must be able to be used as a bootable device! (Most usb sticks are).


I prefer an SLC disk for this running an OS!


So my question would be: "What is currently Corsair's fastest SLC USB disk?





Second, if SLC drives are no longer manufactured, or impossible to get, which MLC device has the fastest 4K random read/write AND burst read speed?


A high 4K random R/W (IOPS) is important for an OS as it regularly reads and writes files to the stick, sometimes writes them at the same time.

The reason why the burst read speed is important, is because the majority of my time I'll be booting the OS with it, loading apps, so a fast read speed could compensate a bit for a slower write speed.


The burst write speed is of lesser concern to me, as I only use writes on the disk when updating the OS or programs, or the smaller writes that the OS does in the background; and less than 2% of my time is used in updating programs (aka disk writes).


So my second question would be if there are any speedgains or differences with the higher capacity drives compared to an 8GB drive?


My third question would be "What is currently Corsair's fastest MLC USB disk between 8 and 16GB in size, considering the preferences I set above (fast 4k writes, high IOPS)?




A professional answer would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Don't have an answer for you, but this may help: http://blog.corsair.com/?p=711


I happen to stumble on this article today as I was continuing my quest!


The Voyager GT sticks where made as SLC sticks (8GB max) before they switched to MLC sticks, so I read...

The SLC sticks have higher IOPS, despite having lower burst and continuous write speeds.

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