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X128 failed


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Hi, got an X128 drive that is one of a pair and it has failed (after a week of use) whilst connected in mirror to an adaptec 5405 housed in an addonics 4 way 5.25" caddy array


The RAID controller reported the error and attempted to rebuild the mirror several times, failing at different progress levels.


I've now removed the drive and placed it in a test laptop (known to be working) and the bios reports a fault and i cannot install any OS.


This drive is less than 2 weeks old, bought from ebuyer.


I looked on ebuyer regarding an RMA and i'm pretty sure it said i'd have to deal with corsair directly? Can this be right?


These drives were bought for a server that i need up and running asap.


Can someone please advise on what to do?





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