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Corsair 4GB and 2GB together?


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Ok to start off so you get the picture thats going on ^^;;


Our PC's originally were put together with the TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX G (2GB) set of Corsair RAM. 1 Set turned out to be dead, so we RMA'ed it and Purchased TW3X4G1333C9DHX (4GB) as a Replacement for my Girlfriends' PC.


While waiting for the RMA sticks to come back, My 2GB sticks turned out to have died as well :\


The RMA sticks have arrived today, but I was wondering... If I were to purcahse another set of those TW3X4G1333C9DHX (4GB) and put it in my comp with the TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX G (2GB) that were RMA'ed back, Would this add up to 6 gigs and be Stable?


I Have Vista 32 atm, but I do plan to get Windows 7 64Bit (I know Vista will only support up to 3~4 Gigs ;) But for future upgrades I want to have 6 GB for when we both get Windows 7 *)




But before I purchase another 4GB set, I wanna know if this is feasable, or just a waste? or If we should just buy something else?



So in total right now we have 2 Sets of TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX G (2GB) and 1 Set of TW3X4G1333C9DHX (4GB).



Any help will be much appreciated :) Thanks in advance~! :D

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Ok will do~ Thanks~ XD


I was just wondering which memory kit we should go with.


We want to get 8 Gigs, as soon as we purchase our SSD's and Windows 7 64bit.


Both our Systems specs are:

MB: EVGA 790i Ultra

Core: Intel QuadCore 9450

P/S: 1000 Watt



We would like something with Umph! That our system's would handle of course lol :D


Thanks again~!

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