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HDDErase ok to use with X64 ?


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HDDErase will work on an X-64 drive, *if* you can get it to work. I've tried myself to boot into HDDErase but it just sits there and will not accept any commands - it may be a mb/bios issue but it doesn't work for me; neither does GParted using it from internal Sata connections - just keeps throwing invalid messages when trying to run the secure erase. It's too much hassle ripping the PC apart to get the drive into an external enclosure.


If you're not in a hurry I would wait until the new firmware update is released. I would assume (based on experience from updating firmware) that the drive will be erased/reset during the update and that will get you back to close on factory fresh :-)

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Your milage may vary with this, but this is how I've gotten it to work. It's a pain, so only use it if your drive really has gone to crap performance wise.


The laptop has my SSD in it, but trying to get it to format wasn't really working. Seems Intel's mobile chipset doesn't like running in IDE mode.


Using my tower and a Win98 boot, I was able to get it to the command prompt and work. Here's what you should do. You'll need a Win98 boot and HDDErase (ideally on the same disk)


1) Plug the drive into another computer. Do not plug in the power, but keep it to where you can plug it in when ready. Make sure it's on a SATA port in IDE mode. Check your BIOS if you are not sure)


2) Boot to the Win98 disk. Let it do it's thing (CD-ROM support if you need it, but I think you won't)


3) Once you get to the command line, power on the drive. Run HDDErase. (On my P256, it was about 4 mins)


4) Viola! New drive. You could use GParted on it, but I would recommend either Vista or Win7's DiskPart to partition it so you get the right offset (1024kb default).

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If the drive is new and never had an O.S. on it just do the install of Windows 7 on the SSD it will set the correct off set by default. Just only use the Quick format which is default, DO NOT Full format the SSD.
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