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HX1000 Random Shut Off


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Sorry for my noob english


I experience random shut off when playing games. I cant powerup my rig after that.

I can use it again after 1 or 2 hour.


I already test it with paper clip, sometimes the fan is spinning , sometimes not.

I test it with casebuy power supply tester but the led not lights up :[pouts:


I test the psu onto another rig, i cant powerup also


can i rma it without the shop receipt?

btw im live in malaysia

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I run the rig out of casing,in air condition room ambient temp 21c/ 22c

but test it without temp sensor


My 1st rig fail (i7)

2nd rig fail(Core 2 Duo)

3rd rig fail (P4)

4th rig also fail (atom)

It shut off automatically


and there is like cricket/ buzzing noise from psu :eek:

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