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H50 + Lancool K62


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Hello guyz and hello corsair team


Does anyone have the lancool k62 case with h50 cooler? and even better, along with an asus p6t series mobo?


if so, or if corsair team has studied the above case.. can u tell me whats the best configuration for a push/pull? exhaust or intake? same fans or different ones? and if different then what fan would be the pull one? the stronger one (higher CFM) or the weaker one?


i have:

2 x Scythe Slipstream 1900rpm - 110CFM (37dB)

2 x Noctua NF-P12 - 54CFM (19dB)


(and of course the OEM corsair one)


im really frustrated cos ive spent a lot of time and done many combinations and i always get different results and im very confused..


thx ;)

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Hi there! I installed an H50 onto an i5 750/MSI GD65 combo in a K62 a few days ago.


I only have the standard Corsair/Akasa fan as intake but planning on getting two Akasa Apaches or something similar to put either side of the radiator and maintaining the intake setup. The two 140mm fans at the top of the case are good for ensuring heat doesn't build up in the system from the intake.


Stick to two matching fans, from what I've read you can knacker one out if it has another fan forcing air onto it with more force than it can clear.


I think with a fan being up against the radiator, you'd want the fans with the greatest static pressure but how that goes hand in hand with cfm I'm not sure. All I know is that I'm going to give the Apaches a try as I want to quieten the system, running two fans in push/pull slower than one fan pushing at high speed alone.

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