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corsair modular vs non-modular


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hi . i never noticed there was 2 kinds or corsair psu the HX and the TX


i didnt really needed 750w TX unit i could have got a modular HX650W


for near the price


anyway what dose that modular thing do ? or it just means they are better ?

is there much difference between the 2 kinds ? thanks

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I'm not an expert, but basically with a modular psu, the cables can be disconnected and rearranged by the user. This way, if you aren't using all the cables, they don't need to be taking up space in your case and getting in the way/making it messy. In a non-modular psu, all the cables are fixed to the psu.


I'm not sure about the more technical advantages, but it seems that Corsair's modular psus have a greater efficiency over their non-modular ones.

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