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TWIN3X2048-1333C9 Problem - looking for advice


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First of all Hi to all everyone.


I have this problem with this TWIN3X2048-1333C9 ram. I will try to provide as much as possible data with my testing to get this ram to work at 666MHz.



I have a GA-EP45T-UD3P rev 1.0. I have oc my cpu to 4.0 GHz (333x12) stable.

Now my problem is that no matter what I do I can get this ram to work over 500MHz. If I try to boot @ 1066 with 7-7-7-19 or 8-8-8-22 no go even with a testing from 1.5 to 1.7V.


Here is some of my observation playing with a MCH straps with this mobo(200,266,333,400 strap) and their multiplayers.


Gigabyte MCH Strapping


x.xxA -> FSB 266MHz = Possible Multi 3.00A & 4.00A

x.xxB -> FSB 333MHz = Possible Multi 2.40B & 3.20B & 4.00B

x.xxC -> FSB 200MHz = Possible Multi 4.00C

x.xxD -> FSB 400MHz = Possible Multi 2.00D & 2.66D & 3.33D & 4.00D


Test out:


3.00A -> FSB 266MHz = 1000MHz (6-6-6-16 & 7-7-7-19)= POST Stable 10 passes LinX

4.00A -> FSB 266MHz = 1333MHz(9-9-9-24) = NO POST



2.40B -> FSB 333MHz = 800MHz(6-6-6-16 & 7-7-7-19) = POST Stable 10 passes LinX

3.20B -> FSB 333MHz = 1066MHz(7-7-7-19 & 8-8-8-22) = NO POST

4.00B -> FSB 333MHz = 1333MHz(9-9-9-24) = NO POST


4.00C -> FSB 200MHz = 1333MHz(9-9-9-24) = NO POST


2.00D -> FSB 400MHz = 667MHz(6-6-6-16 & 7-7-7-19) = POST Stable 10 passes LinX

2.66D -> FSB 400MHz = 889MHz(7-7-7-19 & 8-8-8-22) = POST Stable 10 passes LinX

3.33D -> FSB 400MHz = 1111MHz(9-9-9-24) = NO POST

4.00D -> FSB 400MHz = 1333MHz(9-9-9-24) = NO POST


All this testing has been done with 1.7 V for ram.


I am trying to run them at 1333MHz(9-9-9-24), but as u can see no matter what I try it doens want to post above 1000MHz.

Is there something I am missing with this motherboard or it could be ram?


Thanks for any help



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  • Corsair Employees
First thing is you cannot run the memory faster than the CPU FSB with Intel chipsets and with the CPU you have the memory should be set to DDR800, I see you are over clocking the CPU so what is the exact CPU FSB? That will be the max memory setting you can set.
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