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Hi, my VX450 died after 20 months (less than 2 years out of 5 year warranty) of operation. I requested a RMA after it failed the paperclip test. I got the reply email for RMA and everything. However I have a few questions regarding the process:


Do I send in just the PSU or do I put it in its original package (along with all the cables and whatnot that came with it) and send it? Also do I need to include any misc. information beyond the RMA # on the postage label (eg. copy of receipt)?


Lastly, I live in Canada and I was wondering how long it would take for the replacement to come back once the bad PSU arrives?

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Just send the PSU and if you do not have the BOX it came in just used some Bubble wrap to wrap it and then put it inside a BOX for snug fit and then in a bit bigger box with some more packing so it does not get damaged in shipping.

And the average is 10-15 days for international RMA's.


And our Customer Service will tell you if they need a copy of the Invoice other wise just send the PSU only.

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