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Does my situation warrant the replacement of these Memory Modules?


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Several months ago I purchased parts for a system I was creating from two different retailers. One was PC Case Gear from Melbourne, the other was Umart from Brisbane.


I purchased a set of TR3X6G1866C7 memory modules. As this was my first system I made, I didn't realise the significance of the amount of times I had to juggle the memory in the DIMM slots to get the system to boot. I figured they had to be in a special order. Whatever.


Anywho, once it was all running I sort of forgot about it. It wasn't until I was happily playing Warcraft 3, and I glanced at my G15 LCD screen that I realised there was a problem. I was apparently using 78% of my memory just playing Warcraft 3...on an X58 based system with 6Gb of RAM.


So I read a bit of stuff on some forums, and then cracked open the rig, and individually ran each RAM module on the primary DIMM slot on my mobo (ASUS Rampage Extreme 2). It would only boot up with one of the RAM sticks in, the other two it just wouldn't boot with.


However, the root of my conundrum is that apparently the motherboard is ment to beep if the RAM is faulty. Is this true? Or atleast I should be getting an error message or something, right? Because at the moment, when I test the two RAM sticks in question, nothing happens. Nothing. Black screen. My fans turn on, and a few lights go on, but thats it. Is there something is the BIOS I have to activate? Am I missing something? Hell, do the RAM sticks have an "ON" switch?


In conclusion, did I luck out and get dodgy RAM, or am I just stupid and doing something wrong?



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