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Flash Voyager 16 format with NTFS


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Hello Ram Guy,


For formatting the Flash Voyager 16, you recommended using the

SD format utility 2.0. I downloaded this utility, but will only format in

fat32. I'm running windows xp pro formatted with NTFS on my desktop.

I right clicked control panel, selected Flash Voyager 16 drive, selected format,

then NTFS and completed the format successfully in NTFS.

Since this NTFS format method defeats the purpose of using SD formatter with FAT32, I thought I would check with you for clarification.


Also if you go to device manager, right click on the flash voyager 16 under drives and click properties, there is a tab where you can set the option to improve performance.

Do you recommend this?



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Fat32 is universal between all of the common O.S. and why only fat32 is used by default for flash drives and it seems you have already figured out a way around the issue so I will consider it solved for you.
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Thanks Ram Guy.

I'm aware of Fat32's history. My question mainly was whether there was a special NTFS formatting utility for flash drives. It seems by your response that they can be formatted the traditional way with Windows OS. In any case, the drive seems to be working fine now and I am happy with my purchase. It's nice to have a spare 16 gigs at your fingertips. :o)

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