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High pitched sound with two HX650..

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Recently i purchased a brand new HX650. Few days later, i went back to the shop because the PSU made a high pitched sound.


The seller gave me a second brand new one; i installed it, and the same noise came again.. and worst than the previous one...


I must confess that i am a little bit frustrated and this sound gives me headache, it's really really screech, i can easily hear it through my music and appartment..


So now, what options do i have? I don't want a HX650 anymore. Is there a way to change this PSU with a HX750 (CWT) ?


I tried another PSU (seasonic) and it works flawlessly in my computer, no parasite noise.



I request a RMA please, and if i must pay the difference for a HX750, i will pay. Just tell me the process.



Thanks per advance.

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That normally would be an issue with the Video Card or system configuration, can you test the PSU in another system? And if you want a different model of PSU I am sorry but you would need to go back to your reseller, we would only be able to replace for the same model that you send in.
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Thanks for the reply sir. Seriously too much problems for my first experience with Corsair... i give up. I got a P6T with i7 940 as second setup, but you will understand that i don't want to kill my mobo or something else with this psu..


I don't want to be rude but around me a lot of people with HX650/750/850 experiment noise issues with their psu.. A great deception for me. Anyway.



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