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WEI drop after reinstall


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Hi guys,


I have two of the X64 SSDs from Corsair in a RAID0 setup, when I first purchased them and installed Windows 7 RTM x64 onto them, I got 7.1 in the WEI. MY system got corrupted and ultimately I had to reinstall, so I boot from the Windows CD, format the Raid0 partition, and install windows onto it again. Now, I only get 5.9 in the WEI and I have noticed my Benchmarks are low.


What the hell am I supposed to do guys?


Thanks for any help gents :)


Here is a Benchmark from this second;


[ HDD ] 20684

Read : 160.05 MB/s ( 5201)

Write : 59.45 MB/s ( 237

RandomRead512K : 182.88 MB/s ( 5657)

RandomWrite512K : 50.34 MB/s ( 2013)

RandomRead 64K : 101.85 MB/s ( 4037)

RandomWrite 64K : 34.97 MB/s ( 139

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Sata II with the Intel® ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/PCH SATA RAID Controller!


I am positive it is because I have reinstalled Windows 7 twice now. I did it first, then again because I thought the Raid Controller might have been the issue.

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Can you image this to another drive and try something to align the partitions?

If so search for Gparted and then once the partition is backed up run Gparted and wipe the partition and then when you set it up set the Block size to 128K for the raid and the set the Allocation to 32K in the quick format and run ATTO again and post the results if its back where it should be the image the drive back and test it again. If it is a single drive then just format with 32K Allocation size.

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So you're saying;


Burn the GParted ISO onto a DVD. Select each disk in Gparted and select delete? then delete the RAID0 Partition in Intel Manager in post. Recreate it with a block size of 12k. Install Windows, quick format the RAID0 Disk with a 32k allocation size. Run benchmark?


What is the exact step by step in Gparted? iot's just there is NO format or wipe button, just a select and delete button.

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The Block Size should be 128K for the Raid and there is a thread about Gparted search for it. (How to Restore Corsair SSD performance WITHOUT using HDDErase ) There are step by step instructions in that thread. And you have to use a CD not DVD.


I do not have a USB Enclosure to do it the way that thread tells me. nor do I have any CDs until Monday. When I boot into Gparted with a DVD, I get a similar screen but no background nor can I select any of the items behind the actual Gparted window, and the only option in Gparted it to DELETE the drives.


And that thread doesn't even tell you how to open the console up ....

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Well, did the 32k and 128k thing, installed a new OS on a HDD and then quick formatted my C drive, still the results are worse in some parts, better in the read parts.


Think I am going to get an RMA here because it is absolutely ****ing absurd that Corsair do not have a tool that is universal, allowing people to restore performance.


Seriously, who uses CD-Rs these days? when we can buy DVDs for the same price, and the fact you have to jump through half broken hoops to restore the SSDs is a joke.


I never ever complain about products, but for the price off these and to see an almost 70% drop in write performance and a 55% drop in Read performance after one install in disgusting. It is actually noticeable through the stutters off a fresh install that didn't happen when I first used them.

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