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Has anyone with the buzzing issue had it solved with an RMA?


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It seems a few people have had the buzzing noise persist despite doing an RMA. I'm not sure as to whether this is because Corsair deemed the unit fine and returned the same one (check your serial numbers) or because the second unit also displayed the same issues.


It seems unlikely that someone could receive two defective units in a row, so this info would help to answer whether the issue is with the power supplies or certain components that are simply incompatible with Corsair power supplies due to feedback.

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Is buzzing a common issue? I'd call mine more of a cricket sound.


Here is a recording of my power supply-can someone else that has this problem confirm that it's the same noise? I'm wondering if I should try for an RMA.



Something else to note-the buzzing occurs when the computer's at idle, under stress the sound stops.

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