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TX850W Running too Hot!


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Here is my setup:

4 7" Fans [2 front (in), 1 side (out), 1 rear (out)]

1 Northbridge cage fan (internal)

All fans set to 100%



CPU ~ 47c Max Load

System ~27c Max Load

Regulator 41c

North Bridge 60c


Air coming from case fans (cool to the touch)

Air coming from the PSU (feels like a hair dryer set to high heat)


When playing cryostasis I noticed a smell in the room like burning electronics, in fear of my northbridge melting I investagated and found it tosty but ok at 60c, however when I put my nose to the back of my PC to sniff I just about singed my eyebrows on the PSU heat gun! Is this normal? Do I need a bigga one? Thanks for any help,



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My HX620 does get quite hot when gaming/folding, though not as hot as you made out to be (was there a bit of exaggeration in there maybe?). I estimate the outlet to be around 60c. Corsair PSU's are designed to be as quiet as possible therefore can run quite hot. And that PSU is more than enough for that system.
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