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HX1000W advice


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I've overclocked my system and run in to stability test, i left, and when i came back again, all the system is running (fans, watter pump etc), but the screen of the monitor is black. I tried reset the system but even the shutdown button didn't work, then i take all the cables out, do a proper clear cmos (even take the battery out), and try to start the system again.

All the fans and watter pump work again but i have no post, the diagnostic led of Bloodrage (it's like the the dfi ones with letters and numbers) didn't start, stays blank.

I put another psu (lc power 650w) just to test, and everything runs fine again, so i went to the store and they give me another HX1000, in the store pluged motherboard and vga connectors and start the system again, its a no go with a new psu, the diagnostic led stays blanc.

In the store i tried with a TX 850 and all the system go :confused:, tried with a xfx psu also and everything its ok, i pluged the HX1000 and nothing...

I've also tried my first HX 1000 in another motherboard and its ok.

I've done some research and when the diagnostic led stays blanc, i've read that could be related to the 8 pin cpu, then i try it with the oter 8 pin cpu cable that cames with the HX, but no luck.

Motherboard incompatibility (I've seen that in another psu brands, with some MB) i don't think, cause the first time work.


Need advise please.

Thanks :D:

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