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iMac won't boot after RAM upgrade


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iMac 7.1

Intel Core 2 Duo

2.4 MHz clock speed

800 MHz Bus Speed

with an aluminum front


I just purchased a CM4GSDSKIT800D2 from Fryes as it was suggested.

When I installed the 2X2 G ram chips the machine will not boot.

No sound or activity.

If I remove the 2 X 2 G chips and reinstall the 1G which the machine came with it boots just fine.

I I leave the original 1G and add a 2G from the Kit the machine boots and runs on 3G.

If I try to use the full 4G kit it won't boot.


Can you please help?

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First the person at Fryes suggested it when I called customer service.

Then I confirmed it with telephone technical support at Corsair and the tech said that it would work.

Can you please help me with the subtleties of this process?

I am a newbie

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