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HX1000 buzzing noise. (As descriptive as I can get)


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I posted something along similar lines in someone else's thread, but I thought this might help if I created a thread being as descriptive as possible about the problem since my model, specs, and issue are slightly different. The specs should be listed in my drop down user info. If not, please inform me and I'll paste them in this post. I am running the latest ATI drivers (which as of today are Catalyst 9.10)


The buzzing noise for just general operation appears to be an issue with C1E and/or Speedstep. I never had the issue during regular use or CPU stress testing with Prime 95. Prime can be left to run all day long and no buzzing will be heard from the PSU.


The buzzing appears to present itself ONLY when the GPU is under load with either a 3D game or any manner of GPU stress testing tool. Disabling C1E and Speedstep have reduced the buzzing, but not eliminated it. Enabling V-Sync in a game noticeably reduces the buzzing, but again does not eliminate it. I did not have this issue with a previous power supply. The card itself (Sapphire 4890 Toxic) has the high pitched whine associated with many 4890's, but the previous power supply (competitor) connected to it did not make a noticeable buzzing when the GPU was under load.


The power connectors used are the non removable PCIe cables that thread with the 24 and 8-pin motherboard connectors.


When the GPU is loaded, the buzzing is constant, medium pitch, producing no noticeable odor or flashes that would indicate some catastrophic effect with the PSU. Upon closing a game or 3D stress test, the buzzing immediately ceases. I can then immediately being a Prime95 stress test and, again, zero noise is heard. I have had no other issues with power. No restarts, no device switch offs, nothing. Simply the buzzing.


I am somewhat suspicious of the GPU as the GT200 and HD4800 series cards have had numerous posts in various forums detailing issues with the PWMs producing high pitched whines and/or sending feedback to the motherboard and/or PSU.


I am in Europe (Germany) so the wall outlets are all 230V, but I'm not sure this should present any issue aside from raising the efficiency of the PSU a tad bit. The PSU is plugged into a power strip, which is then connected to the wall.


I have heard the 5800 series have eliminated the PWM whine on the cards themselves, and perhaps this alleviates any issues with power supplies, although someone else with this issue appears to be running a 5850. This issue is clearly not Corsair specific as I have seen numerous posts on other forums wherein individuals swap out with other (competitor) power supplies and the problem persists. And considering the build quality of the Corsair units, I highly doubt so many of them are failing, even after multiple RMA's. The odds are just so overwhelmingly against it. There has to be a simple, although not necessarily cheap, solution somewhere with motherboards, GPUs or cabling that avoids power supply RMAs (as it clearly isn't the issue)


I am swapping out the motherboard to an EVGA Classified E759 (with NF200) in a few days and will be able to inform you if this changes anything. Many forums believe the issue is motherboard specific (ASUS, Gigabyte) as no one has been able to reproduce the issue on EVGA X58 boards. I will also swap out the graphics card soon when the 5870 2GB or 5890's release, but that seems to be a little while off.


Input from a Corsair rep would be greatly appreciated.




Hope the lengthy post is more helpful than mind-numbing,





EDIT: Interesting thing to note. When running the "3D" window in Catalyst Control Center, the buzzing becomes louder as I move the slider to "Performance", and quieter as I move it to "Quality". Rather bizarre.....


EDIT: Switching outlets has zero effect.


EDIT: Switched it out with my backup PSU (Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W) and all buzzing is gone. The backup power supply itself is rather noisy, but that's just how the fan normally sounds unfortunately. There is no buzzing when stressing the GPU or CPU at all with this power supply. All components have remained identical, and the outlet and power cable used for the power supply are also identical.


EDIT: Tried another power supply (A friend's Enermax Revolution 85+ 1250W), also no buzzing.

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Got sick of adding updates to the original post.


The 4890 GPU will produce the whining/crackling noise typical in many current gen video cards that appear to share the same PWMs. I currently have the Toughpower 1000W installed and began firing up the various 3D applications to continue isolating the problem.


Here's what I have come to notice between all the various PSU swap-outs:


-The 4890 will whine/hiss/crackle regardless of which power supply is connected when it is stressed with 3D tasks such as a game or ATI tools.


-The Corsair generates quite audible buzzing from 3-6 feet away when this happens. The Toughpower does not, and the Enermax only faintly (requires you to really put your ear next to it).


I also fired up the Corsair using the paperclip method and found that it generates a faint high pitched whine when running, and it isn't from the fan. This is leading me to believe that it might be worth RMA'ing.

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