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CX-400 "Cricket" noises


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I only started noticing these sounds after replacing my old dead PSU with the Corsair CX-400. The noise is not prevalent during start-up or during the paperclip test, but it is when the computer is idle and not doing something that draws a lot of power from the PSU. During games or other intensive applications the noise ceases.


I understand buzzing noises are sometimes attributed to blown caps in the PSU. I saw the thread for Intel PSUs, but this wouldn't suit my case, and the problem was only noticeable after the new PSU was installed.


Is there anything I should try to do-or does this warrant an RMA?

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Hello Blitzkreige,


I had the same problems with my CX400W. After an RMA the problems still existed. The Cool´n´Quite of my Phenom 2 X3 pointed out to be the issue. Just disable it in the bios to see whether this is the problem on your system too.


I eliminated the buzzing noises by installing K10stat. Its a programm where you can still use the opportunities of C´n´Q (low power consumtion) and overlocking with still having C´n´Q enabled at the bios. By changing the pstates in K10stat to optimal values the buzzing noises disappeared. Just try it (if you have a phenom 2 or use a similar programm)!


Greetings Holger.


Sorry for my bad english, but I know instead that ist's not "BlitzkrEIge" but "BlitzkrIEge" (for the plural form of the noun) and "Blitzkrieger" for a person.

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