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Slow SSD


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Hi all, i seem to be having the same problem on writes only with the x32 only reaching 51MB/s sequential read considering the rated is maximum sequential write speed up to 135MB/s but on the other hand my writes are what you would expect or better from looking at the benchmark in the pic.


To some it all up what do you think is the bottleneck in writes, the ssd is only 2 days old and to be honest i can't feel the slowdown the pc boots up in under 12 seconds apps install & load quickly so if benchmarks are anything to go by the x32 is performing well in reads but not in writes is there anything i could do to bring the writes to as close to the rated speed.


After looking at ram guy's bench pic's he posted in a different thread i ran atto and got about the same result's so every thing is how it should be so i'm a happy bunny.


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