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Rebate concern


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Well, I sent this to customer support so I felt I should post it here as well. It takes ten hours of work nowadays to find real corporate contact info, so I guess the support forum is as good a place as any to say this.


I am about to make a purchase off of newegg, including one of your products, a 750w PSU. I noticed you have a rebate listed. Unfortunately it is, in fact, not a rebate, but a Visa gift card "offer" from Citibank. Citibank and others like them use these to make money by stealing what should rightfully be your customer's rebated money using tricks, expiration dates and fees. Please see http://www.walletpop.com/blog/2009/09/28/when-a-rebate-isnt-a-rebate-its-a-ripoff/ for more information.


If the product was not also highly discounted and in a combo with another part I am purchasing, I would have chosen another brand because of you decision to use this manner of rebate. Please consider abandoning this dishonest practice and Citibank, and use a rebate company that offers real money checks instead of a fraud-based card scheme.

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I'm sorry you are unhappy with the rebate process but, our intent is NOT fraudulent. We are simply using the tools available within the industry. We do not ignore complaints like this but, we also do not provide our forums so that users can accuse Corsair of being dishonest or engaging in fraud.


And, it should not take 10 hours to find the CONTACTS link clearly posted at the top of every page of our website. We clearly provide a multitude of avenues of support and service to help our customers.



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