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Gigabyte X38-DQ6 and CM2X1024-8500C5D and CM2X2048-8500C5D


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I have been running the 2 1GB sticks for a year or two now with Windows XP. No problems, very happy. I was upgrading to Win 7 64 bit and so bought 4GB of new RAM as given above. With all 4 sticks in at standard settings I could not get Win 7 to install. I got numerous blue screens and restarts. As soon as I took out the 2 1GB sticks I have had no problems at all.


Is there anyway I could get the 4 sticks to work together? Strangely I had to boot into Win XP with the 4 sticks installed and there did not seem to be any stability issues, I appreciate it was only seeing 3.5GB of the memory.


It would be good to have all 4 sticks working. They are the same timings and speed.


Thanks for your help



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Have you updated your BIOS version to the latest provided by Gigabyte? If not, that could be a good place to start at.


When mounting the ram-sticks into your mainboard, did you mount the 1gb sticks in for example the blue slots and the 2gb sticks in black slots (colors are not the same for all mainboards) ? This way you enable the memory sticks to work in pairs and should reduce the chances of errors.

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Thanks for your suggestions


I appreciate that any instability may not be down to the voltage levels when mixing sticks



I have BIOS F8 which I believe is the latest version, there is a beta version out but I am always wary of those. Yes I did match up the sticks, putting the 2 2GB sticks in the same colour slots.

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